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UserX Session Recordings Tool
Elevate Your SaaS to New Heights - With UserX, transform your app's user experience, boost conversions, and minimize churn.
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Our advanced analytics suite - from insightful session recordings to pinpoint crash analysis - empowers your SaaS to deliver unparalleled reliability and user satisfaction.
UserX delivers real-time insights into user behavior, operational efficiency, and system stability, transforming data into actionable intelligence for a superior banking experience.

UserX SaaS App Analytics tool

See Through Your Users' Eyes

Dive into your users' journey with high-definition replays. Discover what works, what confuses, and how to streamline the path to conversion.
Mobile App User Analytics by UserX

Understand Every Tap

User Segments by UserX
Our color-coded maps reveal hot spots of activity and areas overlooked. Refine your UI for maximum engagement and ease of use.

Convert More, Guess Less

Identify where potential customers drop off. Our analytics pinpoints the leaks in your funnel, empowering you to seal them with data-backed strategies.
Increase user loyality with UserX
Nothing deters users like crashes. We help you catch and squash bugs before they affect your bottom line, ensuring a smooth, reliable app experience.

Stability is Key

User Segments by UserX

Data protection

User's personal data is securely protected from leakage - we automatically block personal and payment information

Easy integration

Proven SDK

SDK is implemented in 15 minutes by Junior developer
The UserX SDK is proven on apps with millions of users. It doesn't load the app, and video is transferred to the server after the app is minimized to the backend
How to Analyze a
SaaS App with UserX
To analyze a SaaS app with UserX, you'll engage in a process that encompasses using session recordings for user behavior insights, heatmaps for visual engagement data, conversion funnels for drop-off analysis, and app crash reports for stability improvements. Each tool provides specific insights to enhance user experience, streamline paths to conversion, and ensure app reliability, helping to drive growth and user satisfaction.

Experience the Advantages of UserX SaaS App Analytics

When you choose UserX Mobile App analytics tool, you unlock a world of benefits that can transform your SaaS app. Here's what you can look forward to:
  • In-Depth User Behavior Insights

    Unpack the full story behind each click with session recordings that reveal user behavior patterns, enabling data-driven enhancements to user interfaces and functionalities.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Use our conversion funnels to discover at which points users disengage, and tailor your SaaS offerings to turn visitors into loyal customers.
  • Enhanced Feature Adoption

    Identify which features are hit or miss with heatmaps that show how users interact with your tools, guiding you to focus development on what users love.
  • Performance Reliability

    Rely on our crash analytics to preemptively spot and fix issues, ensuring high uptime and seamless user experiences that keep customers satisfied.
  • Strategic Product Development

    Leverage user flow data to understand the customer journey, allowing you to prioritize product updates and feature developments that align with user needs.
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