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Unparalleled Control and Security with Self-Hosted Analytics

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Вata security and control are paramount. With our on-premise mobile app analytics solution, you get the best of both worlds—comprehensive analytics and full control over your data.

Full Data Control

Maintain complete ownership of your data with our self-hosted solution. Ensure that sensitive information remains within your infrastructure, adhering to your internal security protocols and compliance requirements.
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Enhanced Security

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Protect your data with robust security measures that you control. Our on-premise solution minimizes the risk of external breaches and provides peace of mind with secure, in-house data handling.

Customization and Integration

Tailor the analytics environment to your specific business needs. Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows for a unified data strategy that drives informed decision-making.
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Analyze your data without relying on internet connectivity. Our on-premise solution ensures uninterrupted access to your analytics, enabling consistent and reliable data insights.

No Internet Dependency

User Segments by UserX


Invest in a long-term solution that reduces reliance on third-party services. Save on recurring subscription fees with our cost-effective, one-time setup.

Dedicated Support


Our expert support team is here to assist you with setup, maintenance, and any technical challenges you may face.
Scale your infrastructure as your business grows. Our solution is designed to adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.
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