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For companies at any scale
Session Recordings
+ Customer Success Manager
+ Analytic Consultations
For growing teams
Up to 250 000
Session Recordings
10 user licenses
5 apps
+ Sampling
Best for startups
Up to 100 000
Session Recordings
5 user licenses
$ 49 / month
2 apps
To explore service
Up to 100 000
Session Recordings
No Bank Card Required
Free / 14 days
2 user licenses
2 apps
Free for 14 days
Preliminary price - the final calculation will be sent personally.
Why Choose Us
  • Features to get valuable insights
    We provide companies with the information to unlock the full potential of the app with the help of session recordings, heatmaps, conversion funnels and crash replays.
  • Data Protection

    The SDK has built-in encryption methods. It is hardcoded and cannot be changed remotely. Thus, the security of personal users' data is guaranteed.
  • Seamless tool installation process
    Our SDK is designed to be lightweight and requires only a minimal amount of code to be integrated, allowing for seamless implementation without the need for extensive development work.
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