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Elevate Your App's User Experience with UserX – Unlock the full potential of your mobile app with UserX's advanced analytics.
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Transform user insights into actionable improvements and create a seamless, engaging experience for your users. Begin the journey to superior UX today
Leveraging UserX to enhance your app's UX brings significant benefits, including improved user retention and higher conversion rates. By providing deep insights into how users interact with your app, UserX enables targeted optimizations that lead to a more engaging and satisfying user experience. This focus on user engagement analysis and UX improvement directly contributes to a stronger app performance in the market.

Mobile app UX improvement with UserX!

Engagement Heatmaps

Identify hot spots and cold zones to focus improvement efforts where users are most active.
Mobile App User Analytics by UserX

Behavioral Analytics

User Segments by UserX
Deep dive into user interaction patterns to enhance app usability and engagement.

Session Replays

Replay user sessions for detailed insights, identifying UX issues and opportunities for optimization.
Increase user loyality with UserX
Monitor app stability and performance to ensure a seamless user experience.

Performance Analytics

User Segments by UserX

Data protection

User's personal data is securely protected from leakage - we automatically block personal and payment information

Easy integration

Proven SDK

SDK is implemented in 15 minutes by Junior developer
The UserX SDK is proven on apps with millions of users. It doesn't load the app, and video is transferred to the server after the app is minimized to the backend
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