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UserX Session Recordings Tool
Deliver Excellence with UserX Delivery App Analytics – Navigate the fast-paced world of delivery services with UserX at your side.
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Optimize every route, enhance user satisfaction, and streamline operations for speed and reliability.
UserX provides real-time insights into delivery efficiency, customer satisfaction, and app reliability, transforming data into strategic solutions for a seamless delivery service experience.

UserX Delivery App Analytics tool

Optimize User Experience

Analyze how customers and drivers interact with your app to streamline processes, making ordering and delivering faster and more intuitive.
Mobile App User Analytics by UserX

Improve Operational Insights

User Segments by UserX
Gain valuable insights into the delivery operations from pick-up to drop-off, allowing for better decision-making and route optimization.

Enhance Order Efficiency

Identify bottlenecks in the ordering and delivery process to enhance efficiency, reduce wait times, and increase customer satisfaction.
Increase user loyality with UserX
Keep your delivery service on the move with real-time crash analytics, ensuring drivers and customers experience seamless app performance.

Strengthen Platform Reliability

User Segments by UserX

Data protection

User's personal data is securely protected from leakage - we automatically block personal and payment information

Easy integration

Proven SDK

SDK is implemented in 15 minutes by Junior developer
The UserX SDK is proven on apps with millions of users. It doesn't load the app, and video is transferred to the server after the app is minimized to the backend
How to Analyze a
Delivery App with UserX
Use UserX to dive into session recordings and understand driver and customer app interactions, employ heatmaps to optimize the user interface for quick order placement and tracking, analyze conversion funnels for efficient onboarding of new users, and deploy crash analytics to ensure operational continuity.

Experience the Advantages of UserX Delivery App Analytics

When you choose UserX Mobile App analytics tool, you unlock a world of benefits that can transform your Delivery app. Here's what you can look forward to:
  • Increased Delivery Speeds

    Utilize analytics to fine-tune delivery routes and operations, leading to faster delivery times and happier customers.
  • Improved Customer Retention

    Enhance user experience based on solid data analysis, making your app the go-to choice for delivery needs.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Leverage UserX analytics for strategic planning and operational adjustments, ensuring your service meets the evolving demands of the market.
  • Reduced Operational Costs

    Identify inefficiencies within your app to streamline operations, reduce waste, and lower costs without compromising service quality.
  • Robust App Performance

    Ensure your app withstands high demand and operational pressures with proactive crash and performance analytics.
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