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Discover unparalleled insights into shopper behavior, streamline the purchasing path, and skyrocket conversions. Begin your journey to redefine eCommerce success.
Unlock the potential of your Ecommerce and shopping apps with UserX comprehensive analytics tool. We offer a range of key features designed to provide you with invaluable insights and drive your business's success.

UserX eCommerce App Analytics tool

Streamline Shopping Journeys

Pinpoint exactly where users face obstacles by watching their interactions and mapping hotspots to simplify navigation and checkout, enhancing user satisfaction and conversion rates.
Mobile App User Analytics by UserX

Personalize Customer Experience

User Segments by UserX
Utilize deep insights from user sessions to tailor the shopping experience with personalized content, offers, and product recommendations, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Optimize Product Placement

Leverage heatmaps to understand which products capture the most attention and interaction, allowing for strategic placement that boosts visibility and sales.
Increase user loyality with UserX
Rapidly identify and resolve technical issues before they impact users, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted shopping experience that minimizes cart abandonment and maximizes trust.

Ensure Seamless Shopping

User Segments by UserX

Data protection

User's personal data is securely protected from leakage - we automatically block personal and payment information

Easy integration

Proven SDK

SDK is implemented in 15 minutes by Junior developer
The UserX SDK is proven on apps with millions of users. It doesn't load the app, and video is transferred to the server after the app is minimized to the backend

How to Analyze an eCommerce App with UserX

Discover your site's friction points to streamline navigation, enhance product discovery, and accelerate checkout flows. Leverage user behavior insights to personalize shopping experiences, optimize product placements, and implement targeted promotions. Address technical issues proactively to ensure a seamless shopping journey, reducing cart abandonment and fostering brand loyalty. With UserX, unlock the potential of your eCommerce app, driving conversions and delighting customers at every touchpoint.

Experience the Advantages of UserX Ecommerce App Analytics

When you choose UserX Mobile App analytics tool, you unlock a world of benefits that can transform your Ecommerce and shopping app. Here's what you can look forward to:
  • Increase Sales and Conversions

    • Boost your revenue by identifying conversion bottlenecks and optimizing your sales funnel.
    • Targeted improvements based on real-time data can lead to higher sales and increased conversions.
  • Improve User Experience

    • Enhance your app's usability and overall user experience.
    • Tailor your app's interface to align with user preferences and expectations, resulting in higher user satisfaction.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement

    • Build stronger relationships with your customers.
    • Implement personalized engagement strategies based on user behavior and preferences to keep customers coming back.
  • Optimize Marketing Strategies

    • Fine-tune your marketing efforts.
    • Use data-driven insights to identify which marketing campaigns are most effective and allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Make Informed Business Decisions

    • Ensure your decisions are backed by data.
    • With our analytics tool, you have access to comprehensive insights that can guide your business strategy and decision-making.
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