UX analytics platform for mobile apps

UserX is a comprehensive solution that provides growth-oriented insights for mobile app teams.
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UX analytics platform for mobile apps

UserX is a comprehensive solution that provides growth-oriented insights for mobile app teams.
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Userx mobile app analytics
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What do users do in your app on thе first visit?

Why might user leave your app on any step of the purchase funnel?

What exactly was the user doing in your app before the crash?

How do users interact with new features in your product?

How UserX Mobile App Analytics Works


Customer journey analysis


Determining the cause of the problem

Find users who are having issues with the app (e.g. unable to complete a purchase).
User session recordings and touch heatmaps can reveal why users fail to complete conversions.

Quickly identify interface and technical errors to increase conversion and app revenue.

Session recordings does not record any financial and personal customer data.

The data is sent to the server in an encrypted way.
The SDK has built-in encryption methods. Integrating the SDK, the developer simply marks which data in the application cannot be recorded.

It is hardcoded and cannot be changed remotely. Thus, the security of personal users' data is guaranteed.
Data encryption occurs directly on the user's device, before being transferred to the server.

Data comes to the server in an anonymized form, without the possibility of recovery.

Mobile App Analytics Features

Session recordings

Observe how users interact with the app and understand why their actions may not meet your expectations.

There is no need to waste time! UserX makes it easy by displaying only the most relevant session recordings, utilizing advanced filters and funnels.
Visualize all user interactions on each application screen.

Understand which interface elements are most appealing to users and which ones are being overlooked or ignored.


Conversion funnels

Determine at which stage of the application funnel users are dropping off and identify the reasons for churn.

Watch session recordings of these users and address the identified errors to increase revenue.
Which actions do users take after leaving the conversion funnel?

Identify the exact problems in user scenarios and fix them.

Drop off flows

Crash replays

Session recordings of application crashes allow to identify and reproduce technical errors.

Tech bugs are fixed a lot quicker.
app session recording
heatmaps for mobile apps
conversion funnels for mobile apps
drop off flows apps
app crashes replay
See where users come from on each screen of the app, and their subsequent destinations.

Rapidly trace all key user scenarios.

User flows

mobile app user flows
Recording Control / Sampling
No impact on performance of the app
UserX has the capability to record 100% of your app's data.

However, if you wish to optimize your analytics costs, you may customize which data or devices are to be recorded and which are not.

Recording and sampling are managed separately for each app included in your account.
A special data collection algorithm minimizes the additional load when recording video.

The consumption of SDK resources does not exceed 5% at peak times, can drop to 0%, and does not affect the operation of your app.
Minimum amount of data
The average size of a session lasting 10-15 minutes is 1 MB.

Technically, UserX only saves those moments in the video when the image on the screen changes.

The picture resolution is intentionally reduced to save the user's traffic. Additionally, you have the option to set the data to be sent only when connected via Wi-Fi.
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