UserX Records What Users Do in Your Mobile App
Best for:
Re-designing first-time experience for your users
Testing of hypothesis for your products CR growth
Searching for growth areas in your mobile app
Tracking customer satisfaction with your product
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React Native
Recordings of users sessions allow to find usability issues and bottlenecks of conversion funnel in your mobile app
What users do in your app on those first visit?
Why user leave your app on any step of purchase funnel?
What exactly user did in your app before crush?
How users interact with new functions in your product?
Third party integrations
Send a video recording of visit with crush to your developers or QA-engineers
Watch video recordings of visits when a user starts a purchase but don't finish it
Set up recordings for specific users and conduct remote UX-researches of apps interface
Watch video of users visits from specific regions and devices
Analyze list of every visit and every action of exact user in your mobile app
What you can do with UserX
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UserX Features
Video Recordings of Visits
Allow to see what users do in your mobile app.
Video recordings help:
to find reasons of users churn
understand why users leave your app and don't purchase
to find UX issues and complicated scenarios in your application
replay users actions to find scenarios with crush
to analyze every session of selected user to understand every possible scenario of app usage
List of User Actions
The most detailed visualisation of app usage that shows every action of specific user in your mobile app. Its like raw data for your insights that you can use from the box without any code.

As a bonus its greatly suits to checking your event settings.
Highlight elements of UI most often used by audience of the mobile app.

Rage taps show that some elements don't work or users try to interact with parts of interface created for decoration.
As far as UI issues — one of the most common reasons for leaving or even uninstall mobile app, heatmaps seems to be indispensable tool for churn analysis.
Conversion Funnels
Emphasize steps, where users intermit checkout and close mobile app. These steps or screens are most commonly create bottlenecks and reduce conversion rate in your product.

Only closed funnels allow to check real conversion rate of specific step in checkout process and find real points for your product growth.
We care about personal data. UserX automatically hides password and secure fields. Furthermore, you can hide any screens or fields with sensitive information from recoding.

Our services respond to requirements of GDPR.
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